Don’t forget to vote in the Fanfiction 2011 CM Profiler’s Choice Awards

Don’t forget to vote in the Fanfiction 2011 Criminal Minds Profiler’s Choice Awards.

My first crossover was nominated for in the Best Crossover Category;
Targeted Crossover by Honorcpt
The BAU team teams up with Rizzoli and Isles to solve a case that hits Boston and targets one of their own…

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My fanfiction persona is HONORCPT

Profiler’s Choice Criminal Minds 2011 Fanfic Awards RULES!
Please read all rules. Incorrect ballots will be immediately disqualified!
1. To submit a final ballot, you must have a account. All communication will be done through PMs on the site. Anyone with a account can vote.
2. Final votes must be received by November 30, 2011, at 11:59 PM EST to be counted. You do not have to vote in every category…but you can only vote once.
3. When sending your final ballot PM, please copy the final ballot and include ONLY your vote after each category.
***For example:Best Overall Fic:The ABCS of the BAU by IWannaWin.
***Both the exact fic name and exact author name must be included (where applicable). DO NOT INCLUDE ALL THE NOMINATIONS IN A SPECIFIC CATEGORY — JUST INCLUDE YOUR SELECTION!
***The best way to do this is to copy and paste the final ballot into your word processing program, then delete the nominations you do not wish to vote
for. Then you can copy your final vote into a PM to send to us at Profiler’s Choice CM Awards.
4. All ballots must be sent by PM to Profiler’s Choice CM Awards, which is a PM established on Only ballots sent to this PM will be counted. Any PMs sent to ilovetvalot or tonnie2001969 will be discarded and your vote will not be counted. A confirmation PM will be sent when your valid ballot is successfully received.DO NOT POST YOUR VOTES AS A REPLYON THIS FORUM…PLEASE!!!
5. Only one ballot will be received from each voter. Please ensure that your ballot is complete before you submit it. We will not accept any “additions” to your ballot nor will we replace your previous ballot.
6. Vote tampering or ballot stuffing will result in automatic elimination of any suspicious ballots, subject to the moderators’ judgment. Our goal is to run a fair and impartial awards program that benefits everyone. Any author suspected of ballot stuffing and/or filing duplicate ballots under suspicious accounts may have his/her fics removed from award contention.