Writing for the Holidays

      With Christmas quickly approaching I join everyone in scurrying about to buy gifts and fulfill wishes for the holiday season.  One gift I plan to give myself for the rest of this year and the next, is the gift of time.  Time for my writing, time for my family.  Learning to balance and juggle the two is always a struggle but thanks to some pre-existing friendships and new ones, its become easier and easier to recognize priorities.

While I missed my personal deadline to publish by my birthday, it was not for lack of trying.  Once again I battled my dual nemesis, Procrastination and Doubt.  I have since expanded on my original work and am continuing to improve and breath life into the characters I have created.  A friend told me quality over quantity, and she’s quite right. (Thank you Sara) I will not publish until it is worth the read.  As a writer, I will give my readers nothing less.  In the meantime, I will continue to hone my skills with Fanfiction, and other sites.