Domestic Violence affects us all…awareness can save a life…

Sleep eludes me as I wonder, concerned for the soul of my friend,
I sit and wonder why life must be so heavy and alone before the end.
I wonder if she’s sleeping or lying there in fear,
Is she crying, is she wondering, is she hoping I was near.
My eyes grow heavy as I wait for word, a simple yes I’m here,
I cannot help but wonder as my heart pounds with my fear.
Fear that she is facing all she must alone,
And damned that I cannot help, not to even pick up the phone.
She said she’s not ok, told me not to worry,
All I can do now is wait and hope that morning hurries.
I need to hear her voice and know that she’s okay,
He hurts her heart and soul and keeps her love at bay
He doesn’t understand her; her strength fills him with fear,
So he beats her down emotionally, filling her soul with tears
She lays there quiet listening as his breathing evens out,
Strong as she is she wonders as her heart is filled with doubt
Her marriage is in shambles, seems doesn’t have a prayer,
I hope she thinks about me and knows that I am there.
L.E.Perez 2/2012