Halfway thru the summer…

Well, here we are halfway through the summer and I’ve moved the family to Florida, have been learning the ropes at my new job and of course, writing, writing, writing…

I’m still writing fanfics, based on Rizzoli and Isles and Criminal Minds, and of course working on my novel.  Tentatively titled Beauty of Fear, I have been rediscovering my main character and supporting characters, bringing them to life for a more enjoyable read for you.  My crazy work schedule and the move to Florida have not been very conducive to writing but I have tried to make time where I can.  Thank goodness for smart phones and programs like Docs to Go, dropbox and sugar sync or I might never get stuff done.

Writing everyday, even a little bit, is important to me, as it is to every other writer.  Word of advice, never stop writing.


It is rare in life to be rewarded for your misdeeds, your sins
And yet there are times when we are offered a gift
The gift of a person who is willing to see past the misdeeds, past the
That person who has been by your side through your lowest points and
your highest
That person who has withstood the test of time and has never let u fall
Falter yes as only in faltering do we grow
Yet they are there always. To sustain us to hold us, to care.
They are the true soldiers of life who fling the arrows away from us
and protect us from the pain
Our reward, our opportunity to make up for misdeeds. And amend our
To open our arms to the gift that we’ve been given
A gift freely given that is so often overlooked
A reward for your heart and your soul when you open your arms to
embrace them.
Accept your gift for it comes but once and once it’s gone, 
you will
lament never having grabbed it and valued it or having made it your own.