What to do when your thoughts are all over the place…

There are times when I think there is something wrong with me.  I can have a hundred thoughts in my head, different stories or poems, or fanfic updates to write but I can’t write a single thing.  Focus…It is sometimes so darn hard to focus.  We find everything to do but write.  Work, chores, life and then you have the time…or do you?

I now have a wonderful chair to write in and a wonderful laptop desk.  I find myself writing more and more and I love it, but it scares me too.  Silly huh?  I think the story I’m working on is a good one and I hope others feel the same.  With fanfic its a little easier.  Instant feedback, you know?  Oh well, what’s life without a little risk.

Speaking of fanfic, apparently I’ve been nominated in a few categories for a Rizzles Fanfic Award.
My fanfic name is Honorcpt.  If anyone is interested in voting for any of my works there, please do.  You can vote up to 3 times.
Nominations are in the following categories:
Best Author:  honorcpt
Best Season 1 Finale: Fear and All Its Beauty
Best Season 2 Finale: Dear Maura
Best Angst/Drama: Dear Maura
Best Original Character: Jordan in Random Targets
Best Crossover: Random Targets

I was a bit shocked actually to find myself nominated in so many categories but tickled as well, who knew?  Anyway, the link to vote is http://rizzlesfanawards.wordpress.com/vote/

On another note, I will be updating/revising my website in the near future.  My niece Danielle has graciously offered to help for which I am extremely grateful.  She is a graphic designer with her own company, with a partner of course.  You can touch base with her here, http://www.endee.co/

She’s up and coming! Hopefully so am I 😀  Talk to you all soon…