Why do I write?

See, here’s the thing.  I already have so many thoughts and ideas running through my head that if I didn’t write my head might just explode.
Some of you know what I mean, this burning overwhelming idea or thought pops into your head and you’re like whoa!  Where did that come from?  Me, I have to write them down.  The most obscure tidbit is sometimes more than enough to build a story on.
I remember watching my mother write well into the night at the kitchen table, with her manuscript printed out and being edited as she put the pencil in her mouth, typed a few more words where she was doing a rewrite and still go to work the next day.  I worried for her and envied her.  The discipline she had to write what needed to be written.

Today I can say I have become my mother.  I let everything else come before my writing, everything. 
I wanted to write before but I put it off, didn’t have time, not worth it, etc.  I have so many unfinished ideas, novels, short stories…sheesh.  But one thing I realized I had stopped doing was reading.  My mom read, a lot.  I did too, but life somehow got in the way one day and I let it.
Last year I started reading avidly again.  Okay, let’s be honest, as my honey can attest, I became a voracious reader again and with that, the creative juices started to flow and spill over.  I was doing yardwork when the idea for my first Fanfic popped in my head. The Season 2 premiere for Rizzoli and Iles was looming and I had done a search on the internet for info on premiere and found fan fiction…Who knew?
There were great stories there and I tried imagining doing it and thought, nope, no way.  Then came the yardwork. 
I love Stephen King and his advice to folks on becoming a writer is to write, just write.  So I did.  Fanfics and the feedback from folks have helped me become a better writer.  A more confidant writer.  Am I still scared?  No.  Terrified yes…because now expectations have changed.  I expect more from myself.  I love hearing from folks and knowing that I made them feel what was going on in the story I wrote.  Lately I’ve been making people cry and all I can say is thank you.  Because without readers and reviewers I wouldn’t ever know if what I write makes you feel, you know escape into the story.
You see, that’s why I write.  To help others feel what the characters feel.  Cry when they cry, laugh when they do and throw something when you can feel their frustration through the page, or e-reader, or smartphone (pick your poison)…ESCAPE….
I hope to one day become a good writer, until then, I will write and write and write…