Request for readers…

This is out of the norm for me but I want unbiased feedback, and while the friends I have reading my WIP (work in Progress) try to be objective, they are still my friends, so…

I am looking for one or two individuals who would be willing to read through my drafts and offer critique.  Constructive of course.  I’m looking for someone who enjoys reading suspense/crime drama.  Who can objectively tell me, “this is a bunch of crap…” or “Wow…when will it be available?”

Catch my drift?

The teaser for the story is :

The First one died to pique her interest
The Second to touch her soul
The Third one died to steal her peace,
The Fourth, makes Fear his goal.

If you are wondering what kind of a writer I am and why you should bother, I’d recommend that you read a fanfic or two or even some of the poetry I’ve written.  Might give you a better feel.

So, what do I need from you?
Well your name for one, and your contact info (email or twitter). Plus briefly tell me why you would like to do this…It is not for the faint hearted 🙂

Drop me a line on the chat with me/contact me link and let me know….


L.E. Perez