Rizzles Fan Awards Results are in…

You all know that I love Rizzoli and Isles and love to write fanfic (I’m Honorcpt), so without further ado,

The winners are…

In the Best Author category,  the winners are Crackinosis and JoBeth.Amy.Homegirls. There are a lot of exceptional fanfic authors and I count my self humbled to be a runner up  There were a lot of nominees in that particular category, so thank you to all who voted and all who nominated!

As to the other categories I was nominated in:

Best Season 1 post finale-  Fear and All Its BeautyWinner!

Best Season 2 post finale- Dear MauraWinner!

Best Angst/Drama – Dear MauraWinner!

Best Crossover (with Criminal Minds) – Random TargetsWinner!

I’ve included the links in case anyone would like to take look at them.  It feels wonderful to know that three of my stories received recognition from readers/fans.  I look forward to continuing with some of these as well as my original works in progress.  Maybe I’ll introduce some of my characters in my Rizzles fics for a touch of flavor, who knows.

And now on to the ROW80 challenge!