ROW80 Challenge- Round 4!

Yep, I’m doing it again dammit, participating in ROW80 and this time I will be achieving my goals.  For this round, not only will I write daily, I will complete my manuscript, edit it and forward to my betas for some bloodying of their own.  

I have procrastinated long enough and I have made a promise to myself that I will finish this year.  With my family’s support I know I can accomplish my goals.  I am so close I can taste it.  Word count isn’t even the issue, just plain writing and dedicating myself to my work.

I have found Scrivener to be a tremendous help and also discovered that I am very old school.  Had to print up what I had to read and bloody a bit just get into my character’s heads again.

Throughout my ROW80 updates I will also attempt introduce everyone to my main characters.  I’d love to know what folks think of them…

If anyone is interested in participating, here’s the link: ROW80-Round 4

Tomorrow is Day One of the challenge, wish me luck and to all the others participating, Godspeed.

L.E. Perez