Checking in!!

Cage Fitness

So, my first check in…My goals are simple.  Finish and edit my manuscript during this round.  I manage a martial arts school right now and teach as well so when I’m tired, boy am I tired!  But, I am going through what I have and have actually been able to expand quite a bit.  I found myself reading through what I have and realized that I skip.  I skip scenes and don’t elaborate enough for the reader, ugh!

So now I am finding myself expanding particular scenes and enjoying the hell out of it as I go.  What does this mean for ROW80?  

Wellllll…I am going to have to buckle down big time now aren’t I?  I write mostly at night after work.  Unfortunately I’m tired and at times I re-read the next day and think, “what the hell was I trying to say?”  Doesn’t matter though because I will get done what I want to get done.  I may be posting excerpts here for some real feedback from folks.  

Folks like you!  So please, help me out, encourage, push, cajole, get me of my A**…hmm  okay tirade over, check in done…back to writing.  By Sunday’s check in I hope to have another 3000 words done.

No, wait, not hope, I WILL have another 300 words done at least.