ROW80-Check in…OMG! OMG!

Blood Moon puts me in the mood…

Gardening/Yard work must be the key for me to get ideas flowing.  I have been very unhappy with the  first three of my manuscript for awhile now.   They just didn’t flow like the rest of the story and it was making me….well dammit it was making me nuts!

It felt very pedestrian.  I know, I know we are our own worst critics but it was truly irking me.  Feedback I had received had been to add a little bit of my Fanfic persona-Honorcpt, into my writing.  I think I was scared to do that.

Anyway, the yard work.  I was weeding and edging the yard and suddenly put the items down and walked into the house to my computer.  I had moved on from the beginning chapters to let them settle in my mind… Nope, pulled them up (I love Scrivener) and just started changing things.  I realized somewhere that I was scared to just delete somethings and rewrite them..Dunno why.  Maybe I had fallen in love with the words that they felt permanent.  But they aren’t!!!  They’re fluid….

Now when you read those chapters you get a much better “feel” for my characters.  You give a damn (I hope).  Hell I do now…

So, my check in?  I’m on track!!  I’m writing, this puppy is getting done.  I would still like another beta to review my work,  I need a critical eye, but I do have three.  Okay, back to writing.  Got up and first thing was straight to the computer again.  The nut job in my novel is my focus right now.  Apparently according to some fanfic fans, I do lunatics well.  Gotta translate that into my story now.

Ciao for now!!