Ghoulish Check in…

Sunday check in…yes, yes…  So yesterday after work I decided I would finally finish up some gardening and dig a hole to plant our new mango tree.  Its a rather good sized backyard and my love chose one spot in particular for me to plant it.  Its been there a week waiting for me to dig that hole, so finally, I did.

Now, a little background, this is my brother-in-law’s house and he has kept it up beautifully, to include the yard.  Using a walking mower it took over two hours to get the front and back done. (No not rich, it’s Florida-he bought good house with good land)  Anyway he warned of us one thing besides snakes.  His old dog Tati was buried in the back yard along the fence in a plastic bag.

Get it now?  1 + 1 = I am a Ghoul…

I dug a beautiful hole with a post hole digger and came across an obstruction.  Kept trying to get around it but nothing.  So instead I dropped the bucket with the tree in the hole just to make sure it was the right width and depth and Poof!  Face full of dirt from the hole.  No problem here, I was going to shower when done.   I pulled the pot out and proceeded to kneel down and feel around for the obstruction when I found…you guessed it…the plastic bag.

Now I consider myself to be tough…well that is all bull poop.  Thankfully I was wearing gloves but I sounded like a crazy person, pulling off the gloves and talking to myself as I walked away from the hole and marched myself in to tell my love.  I was regretting opting for gardening as opposed to writing that’s for sure.

Speaking to my love later, she said I was positively manic and freaked out.  That’s her story to tell.  Me?  I filled in the damned hole, made damned sure there was now a marker for the poor animal and quit gardening for the day.  I was not allowed to touch the furniture or anyone until I showered and disposed of my ghoulish clothes.

So…yesterday?  Uhm…no writing…nope, nada, zip…Since Wednesday though, yes!  I’ve been stuck in a particularly difficult point in the story and have finally muddled my way through.  Today may be a planned day off though I do tend to write a lot in the evenings.  I need to go dig in the yard but I just can’t see myself doing that just yet.  

Ciao for now!

The Ghoul…