Under the Gun!!! NANOWRIMO + ROW80

I know, I know…I’m also participating in the ROW80 challenge but I need an extra push to finish this thing.  I’m hoping you all can help keep me accountable.

For those of you have have waited a long time to be able to tell me what to do or not do, here’s your chance.   Don’t let me slack off.

GOAL: Completion of this manuscript by November 30th.  No more excuses, no more procrastinating, no more bull…

Fanfiction updates may be sporadic this month but there will be updates…

Writing will be done daily and you can follow my progress on NANOWRIMO if you are so inclined…

National Novel Writing Month  My name there is Honorcpt

If you are inclined to try this yourself I would recommend that you click on the site and sign yourself up!  It’s a great experience that you won’t regret.

As for me…I’m still writing but like I said I set a goal for myself but am easily distracted, hence NANOWRIMO

So, here we go and oh by the way, Happy Halloween!