I’ve been remiss…

ROW80 Check-in & NaNoWriMo
I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted since Halloween…Shame on me…Anyway, lets see, update, update…Oh yeah, I’M WRITING!!!!!!
I work full time managing a Martial Arts School and very often work 50 plus hours a week so writing time is precious to me.  I’ve been very lucky though.  My love affords me the time I need to write, be it in the morning before work or after getting home.  I have a wonderful recliner that she bought me as well as this awesome table from Frontgate.  Sometimes though I don’t sit there or use that though, sometimes I’m writing on my phone because an idea strikes, other times I go old school and write in a notebook.
The point is, that I’m writing, finally!  My characters are coming into there own.  They have personalities, they feel…I’m shocked, I didn’t think I could do this, but my goal is set.  I have till November 30th.  Quick recap…I want to finish this manuscript by or before November 30th and get it reviewed and revised and available as a ebook by Christmas.
Impossible?  Maybe, maybe not.  I would love to give my 82 year old mother a gift this year that I’ve never been able to give her, a published work.  Whether self-published or not.  I believe in self publishing.
For my love, I want her to know that her faith in me and her continued support has enabled me to meet my self imposed goal.
Hmmm, there seems to be a lot that I want doesn’t there?  But none of it is unattainable, all of it is within my grasp.  The book cover scares me, marketing scares me.  Finishing this body of work?  Terrifies me…But I believe in facing my fears.  We all have to.  The title of my work is The Beauty of Fear after all…I may just know a thing or two about fear.
Brief Excerpt: Beauty of Fear

Leigh Ramirez has been through a lot in her short life, an abusive husband, raising two kids on her own, and a vicious attack on the job.  All she wants now is to get back to work and forget what happened to her.  Burying herself in her work has always helped her deal with her daily life, and that’s all she wants, her life back.  But when a young girl is found in a local park with her business card in hand, Leigh is invited back into a world she left behind.  She had been forced to leave police work  but now someone was pulling her back.  As young women continue to turn up dead, the resemblance to Leigh is lost on no one, least of all Leigh.