I’m done.  I’m done with my book.  I mean there are a couple of little things here and there that I immediately realized I forgot to include but other than that….
Now I’m going old school.  Printed it up and am reading through and editing, page by page.  This happens to be much harder than writing.  The temptation to immediately go and fix my softcopy is overwhelming but I am determined not to go back to it or even open it until I am done editing the hardcopy.  The I’ll fix it.
So my goal now?  A Christmas Ebook release.  It will be my gift to myself and to my family since they’ve had to put up with me all this time.  What does that mean?  I get off easy for Christmas of course!
Throughout the writing of Beauty of Fear. my characters underwent changes in personality I hadn’t given any thought to.  Kind of freaked me out when I saw my original written characterizations and the finished product.  I get it now when a writer says their characters came to life.
Once I am totally done, I will get started on my next venture.  I already have a sequel in mind for this story-Thinking of calling it the Fear Series.  Plus, a new idea for a YA book/series.   So many thoughts, so little time.
So till next time, Ciao…
Proposed Cover