Holy Smokes its February!

Yep, exactly how I’m feeling.  Middle of February and this year has already had its ups and downs. But with Valentine’s Day around the corner I figured I might as well celebrate the Day of Love with a gift for you all, my love story with a twist.

Beauty of Fear will be available for free kindle download on Amazon on Valentine’s Day and the day after.  There are a bunch of other books that will be available that day so its a great day to look up freebies!

In the meanwhile I will continue to work on the sequel, my fanfics and a new story I’m working out.  A young adult story involving time shifters.  Yes time shifters, I’m still trying to figure it out too.

My tip for the month, if you’ve ever given writing any thought, DO IT!!!  Don’t wait…don’t procrastinate.  There will always be excuses for not writing and only one reason to write.  If the desire is there, feed it, nourish it or it will die.

Chat again soon…

L.E. Perez