Author of my own reality…

You know, I realized something the other day. I complain, a lot, about little things, big things, silly things…you get the idea.  Sometimes I mean the complaining other times I just have to voice it, to get rid of it but a parent at my place of employment looked at me and smiled as I whined about what lay ahead. With a raised eyebrow I looked at her and she said “you are the author of your own reality”

She smiled again and asked why I would complain about more business and revenue and further stated you created this because you’re good at what you do.  I opened and closed my mouth a couple of times before smiling back and saying, “I guess I did didn’t I?”  We talked a bit more about the changes and improvements she was crediting to me and I walked away shaking my head.  The words resonated with me because she was right.
We can choose to wallow in self pity or we can choose to rise to the challenges that life throws at us.  Every challenge is an opportunity to become a better you. I choose to become a better me. Complaining does nothing but create self doubt and conflict, when all you really want is confidence and peace. 
 I am the author of my own reality and I choose to write a reality where confidence and peace reign. How about you?
Peace…and happy writing.
L. E. Perez