Happy Holidays and happy writing!

Its been a while since I posted and I do apologize but I’ve been busy, busy, busy.  Between the job that pays the bills and the writing, revising, editing…it’s been harder than usual to post and I do a lot on the Facebook page, so….  Anyway, resolution for the new year is to post at least once a week.  Tips, tricks, anecdotes, you name it I’ll write about it in the coming year.  

For now though writing is the thing.  I’m working not he sequel to Beauty of Fear but am also writing a YA series involving time traveling/shifting.  I will be posting some snippets in the upcoming weeks.  It was originally going to be a simple story but it took a left turn somewhere and is now much bigger than I originally intended.  The characters kind of took over and they just won’t let me out of it so now it’s mapped out as three books minimum.  Sheesh…
Funny how characters you create take on a life of their own.  Even when you base your characters on someone specific they still tend to become who and what they want to be.  I just give in, it’s easier that way.  On that note, I have a love story of sorts that will be available in the upcoming weeks, Dear Lorna.  If romance, angst, and overcoming insurmountable odds is your thing, you may find it appealing. With that I will leave you with the warmest of holiday wishes.