New Year’s Resolve (not resolution)

Wow, another year down. Did everyone do what they planned this year.  Did you achieve what you set out to do or did you set yourself up for failure? Yeah, that’s what I thought…

Too often we set out to scale a mountain and barely make it up a hill.  We set out to lose 30 pounds and instead gain 15…sheesh, what’s a person to do?
Well how’s this.  Accept that you will get out of your resolutions exactly what you put in.  You don’t need the new year to decide you will accomplish something.  Make the decision and move on from there.  Easier said than done isn’t it but the idea of failing isn’t a good one either so what are we to do?
Heck I don’t know.  I just know that sometimes we have to realize that we have to work for what we want out of life and work hard. So we must be resolved and resolute in our actions.  We must be willing to make tough choices and be flexible as well. 
I love to write but it is by no means easy.  Some days I will sit and try to write something and get nothing.  But goodness forbid I’m driving somewhere, suddenly whole chapters pop into my head and I end up all thumbs trying to record my thoughts on my smartphone, which I must admit is much smarter than me.  So what is a person to do? Well keep trying of course!  If we gave up whenever we encounter an obstacle then we might as well just stay home and eat Bon bons.
So what am I saying with all this?

Its a new year everyone, new choices, new decisions, new goals and aspirations.  Take a deep breath and just go for it.  That’s what I’m doing!

Started the new year publishing a short romance called Dear Lorna its available as a kindle download or paperback.  Its a story of a love almost lost before it was realized.  

Dear Lorna on Amazon

What’s next?  My time shifter novel tentatively titled: Relativity