Jelly Bean stings and the folks who dropped the baby…

I know it’s been a while since I posted but I usually like to post something worthwhile or funny, you know?

Anyway, one of the things I love to do is go to the beach not just for the surf and sand, but to people watch an write. Some great characters are to be found on the beach.  Funny moments too.
I go to the beach with my partner Maria. We’ve been together almost 25 years and we can still make each other laugh. One thing I’ve noticed recently is that as I get older, I mean to say one word and another comes out.  Usually one that completely does not go with what I was trying to say.  Can we say DUH…
So, jellybeans?  Ah yes, we are at the beach enjoying the ambience when not 30 feet in front of us, a family of four adults with a baby about 5 months old drop the car seat and the baby, face first into the sand.  Horrific, yes?  
They picked up the baby and calmed her down but mom was pissed and walked off the beach holding the baby the others had dropped, while those others followed sheepishly behind her.  
All of this resulted in some commentary between Maria and I.  
“Hope the baby is ok” Maria said
“I’m sure she is” I said
“They should have taken her to the lifeguard station, they would have water to clean her face.” Maria said earnestly.
“Yeah.” I said
“Did you know,” Maria said, that they have to keep vinegar in a lifeguard station?”
“Oh?” I said with interest.
“Yes,” Maria said seriously, “they have to for jellybean stings”
I paused…did I hear correctly? As I turned to her she quickly recanted.
“Jellyfish, I mean jelly fish stings, not jelly bean.”
I was glad to hear her do exactly what I’ve been doing for days.  We laughed so loudly that we became the objects of viewing by others on the beach.  
So yes everyone, beware of jellybean stings, always keep vinegar on hand, and never drop the baby.
L.E. Perez