Blogger vs WordPress oh my…

  1. So, I have spent the better part of a Saturday morning trying to learn WordPress so I can manage my site and wean myself off Blogger.

I have a headache!

So much to learn, so much to relearn, so much to do. As a writer, I know social media is important and a good website is integral to creating your brand. Up till now, I’ve been scattered about it all but that stops now.img_2302-1.jpg
This pic of my grandsons pretty much demonstrates how I have felt about the whole website process. It is definitely a necessary evil and if I hope to continue on this journey it is time to buck up, accept the hug and learn this thing!

I have to say though that without the help of my niece Danielle and my good friend and fellow writer Tony Awtrey, none of this would even be up and toddling. I won’t say running because I just finished crawling.

A beautiful Saturday and a soon to be beautiful and comprehensive site.