Who Am I?


to a world where the women are the heroes.  My stories, books and fan fiction alike, portray women as strong individuals who rely on who and what they are to persevere.  Everyone needs someone, but no woman needs someone to BE someone.

I originally wrote just for me, but my foray into fan fiction provided an outlet I did not know I needed.  Using that writing experience I dusted off my novels in progress and worked at developing characters that you could identify with, while continuing my fan fiction endeavors.  I’m HONORCPT on fanfiction.net.

The choices I’ve made in my life, career wise and personal, have given me a unique view into the lives of women as heroes, victims, survivors , and offenders. It is rare in life when someone is given the opportunity to rediscover a part of themselves they believed to be lost.  The wannabe writer in me had disappeared for some time and I despaired of ever being a Writer.  No More.

My daughter and I in NYC

I’m all about family and friends.  They are there for you when you when you least expect it, in small ways, big ways, and ways that count.  
I am a writer of novels and fanfiction featuring strong female characters. My novels are currently a work in progress.  Look for my E-Book –The Beauty of Fear, coming soon.
I am also a full-time Tae Kwon Do Instructor, and enjoy empowering and teaching children and adults alike.
I Believe that women are stronger in life than they are portrayed in character, I try to come close. 

“It is not the destination, but the journey that defines you”