When I originally wrote poetry, I wrote only in my native language, Spanish.  I don’t know why, it may have had something to do with the emotions…who knows…all I know is that recently, I’ve discovered the ability to write poetry in English as well…whenever I write in Spanish I make every attempt to translate into English, so here goes…

This was written the day after my grandson died at 29 days old from SIDS
My Child So Like a Flower (1/30/2003)
A child is like a flower
you plant it and feed it
you show it love and wait for it to be born
Growing like a flower
You give him even more love and caring
Nourishing his body and soul,
this child when he is first born.
While he,
nourishes the souls of those who gave him life
Like a flower, one waits and hopes,
that the child will grow and flourish,
and will continue in his Glory.
But, like a flower,
Even though you feed and nourish this seedling,
you care for him and give him all the love you possibly can,
so he will grow and flourish.
He returns again to the earth,
without ever having bloomed.
This child, so like a flower,
leaving in the lives of those he touched,
a part of his seedling self
and part of the flower he was to be
He returns to the earth nourishing the future
This child so like a flower.
And like a flower,
That you may have seen only once in your life,
Never do you forget the birth of that seedling,
The scent of that flower,
And the love for that child so like a flower


It is rare in life to be rewarded for your misdeeds, your sins
And yet there are times when we are offered a gift
The gift of a person who is willing to see past the misdeeds, past the sins
That person who has been by your side through your lowest points and your highest
That person who has withstood the test of time and has never let u fall
Falter yes as only in faltering do we grow
Yet they are there always. To sustain us to hold us, to care.
They are the true soldiers of life who fling the arrows away from us and protect us from the pain
Our reward, our opportunity to make up for misdeeds. And amend our sins. 
To open our arms to the gift that we’ve been given
A gift freely given that is so often overlooked
A reward for your heart and your soul when you open your arms to embrace them.
Accept your gift for it comes but once and once it’s gone, 
you will lament never having grabbed it and valued it or having made it your own.